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This is the section of the site where we put the world to rights. Alot of the time the answers given by the "Dr" Moose will be purely suggestive and are not to be taken literally... we use the term "Dr" loosely... (a bit of loose moose humour for you).

Having said all that, he does have a point sometimes. There is also nothing wrong with calling your cat Steve.

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Hi there,

I have just bought new skis this winter and want to start hitting the various features and rails that terrain parks have. Will I damage my lovely new skis by doing stuff like this? I always see in the movies pictures of skiers who have snapped their skis and stuff.

Kim, slightly concerned, Swansea

To Kim,

The hardest thing to do with your new planks is to get that first big scratch on them! But they will look a lot better with some battle damage and good stickers, so get over this soon. Rails and fun boxes etc wonít do that much damage to your skis if you are only doing a few a day. If the rail has dents and is chewed up, it is more likley to catch your edges as you slide along, so it's always worth checking the rail out first. The Pro skiers in the vids trash a lot of kit, that is what they do.

Dr Moose

Dear Moose,

After a few great ski holidays, I am glad to say that me and my girlfriend are hooked! I have some skis I got off a mate, but I want to buy her some new ones. Are there particular skis that women should be on or is this just confusing the issue?

Pie Man Ponton, Edinburgh

To Pie Man,

The main difference is that the centre point of a women's ski is slightly further forward than a standard ski, because they have a different centre of gravity than guys. A lot of the time graphics are different and the construction of the ski is lighter. This is a factor especially if you are the one that will be carrying them. I would really like to see more companies putting women's graphics on twin tip and freeride models as there are many more girls in the parks nowdays, I think they would appreciate that too.

Dr Moose

To Moosey,

I want a pair of twin tip skis. I see all these people on holiday whizzing around the mountain, backwards and forwards, and I want some of that pie! Iím a pretty able skier on all terrain, but what these folk can do in the parks is sick. Where do I start?

A. Mears, Bristol

Hey there,

The range of twin tips available now is really good. It is a good start if you go to a shop where the staff have skied most, if not all, the models they stock. (Not always possible to find this I know.) Twins are great all round the mountain now, becoming a lot more stable on piste, but still holding well off-piste. Pretty much any twin tip you like the graphics of will be sufficent. Remember to start small when hitting jumps and rails, otherwise it's really gonna hurt! Wear a helmet.

Dr Moose


I am thinking of buying a cat. Are there any that are more suited to city living and will a kitten climb up my curtains?

J.Johnson, Newcastle

To Mr Johnson,

Cats are great! But what has that got to do with skiing?!?

Dr Moose