Buying from SoulX

We try to make buying from us as simple as possible:

  1. Decide what you want by viewing the softwear and hardware sections of this site. Note the code numbers of the items you want. When items are out of stock we state “Currently Out of Stock” and give the expected order period. If an item is listed as “Sold Out” we do not expect to stock any more of that item.

  2. Contact us by telephone, fax, e-mail or post, giving the code numbers of the items you wish to order and your contact information - your full name, your (land line) telephone number, your mobile, your fax, your e-mail and your full address; if your preferred delivery address is not the same as your billing address please give both, and a contact name and telephone number for the delivery address. (For your added protection we may ask for proof of identity if your order is to be delivered to an address other than the billing address.)

  3. On receipt of your order we will contact you to confirm availability of the items, the shipping cost and the total cost.

  4. If you are happy to proceed arrange payment using your preferred payment option.

  5. When we receive your order with payment we will confirm receipt of your order and then arrange for the goods to be shipped as soon as your payment has been processed. Goods will normally be shipped within 3 days of payment being processed, unless the item is out of stock. If we do not have an item(s) in stock we will not process payment until the goods are in stock and ready for shipping.

  6. When the goods are shipped we will contact you to confirm shipment and tell you the shipper’s details and anticipated delivery date.